Dog training standards vary enormously. Since the industry is largely unregulated, I have composed a code of ethics and practices that reflect how I do business. These are based on my years of personal experience in several work settings. It is also a result of hearing about and personally observing much abuse, dishonesty, and incompetence. I encourage anyone looking for animal care to observe firsthand the conditions where they will be kept and the character and habits of the person in charge.


I will keep my promises and acknowledge my mistakes.

I will listen to and ask for feedback from experts, peers and clients.

I will accept people for who they are and respect their level of knowledge and cultural norms, instructing with compassion.

I will respect dogs for who they are individually. I will not attempt to suppress their true personality and nature with extreme and constant pressure, or place them in situations they are fundamentally unfit for.

I will not deliberately mislead clients about techniques, conditions, or probable outcomes.

I will not pretend to be performing tasks that I’m not.

I will not treat dogs in private in ways that I would not treat them in front of their owners. 

I will never be impaired by drugs or alcohol while client dogs are in my custody.

I will manage my business and personal finances with enough cushion that I will not feel pressured to take clients who would be better served elsewhere, more clients than I can handle, or contracts I can’t fully fulfill. 

I will invest in tools of the trade to mitigate risk and improve care to dogs in my custody. I will maintain insurance for accidents and emergencies.

Standards and Practices

Clients will be sent photos and/or videos at least five days a week.

Questions or requests from existing clients will be replied to within 12hrs.

All applicable USDA, state, and county requirements for the humane housing and care of dogs will be met or exceeded. 

Dogs will not be subjected to conditions or treatment well-known to cause pressure sores, matting, collar rash, urine burns, worn-off pawpads, weight loss or gain, or other consequences of careless husbandry.

Accidents, allergic reactions, weight and coat changes, and behavioral abnormalities will be reported to owners promptly. 

Dogs will not be left in circumstances where they can fence-fight, be bullied in playgroups, pace, chew, bark or cry incessantly, or otherwise be in obvious agitation or distress.  

Dogs will not be transported loose in vehicles. Air conditioning, fans, shade, and other cooling means will be used in vehicles when outside temperatures are over 70*.

During the day, no confinement period will exceed 4 hours. 

Boarded dogs will be exercised each day appropriate to their activity needs.

Each dog will be given purposeful one-on-one training interactions throughout the day, not just let in and out to play. 

I will measure success by...

…The dog’s attitude, affect, and understanding as demonstrated by its objective behavior. 

…The ability of the client to articulate and perform what I have taught them. 

…My diligent completion of routine tasks on time and to a high standard.

I will not measure success by…

…Setbacks from forces I can’t control

…Opinions from people with shallow knowledge




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